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Terms of Use

Terms of Use of the materials posted on the websites of BelTA

1. General terms

1.1. These Terms of Use govern the use of the materials posted on the websites of the Belarusian Telegraph Agency (hereinafter referred to as the Agency);

1.2. The Agency owns the following online resources:,,,,,,,,,,,, ,;

1.3. All the rights to the materials posted on the websites of the Agency shall belong to BelTA. The only exceptions are the materials that contain references to other copyright owners.

1.4. The use of materials shall imply reproducing, distributing, displaying, broadcasting, transmitting, publicly performing, translating, rendering and other uses stipulated by the effective legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

1.5 These rules extend to information agencies, subscribers to BelTA’s information products, official websites of companies and organizations, theme-based websites of legal persons, news websites, electronic and printed media, newspapers, magazines, publications of natural and legal persons, blogs and personal pages of individuals, websites of charity organizations, educational institutions of all types, executive agencies, religious organizations, publicly available gratuitous reference systems, educational, cross-cultural and other resources on the Internet (hereinafter referred as Users);

2. Responsibilities of Users when publishing materials

2.1. Make reference to the source:

- When reproducing materials in the printed edition, the User shall specify the copyright holder - Source: BelTA;

- when using materials in radio, television, video programs , the User shall specify the source by mentioning the Agency (BelTA or the Belarusian Telegraph Agency);

- when reproducing text materials in the Internet the User shall provide a direct hyperlink to BelTA’s original text at the beginning or the end of the material and enclose the Agency’s materials with tags. The link shall be indexable by search engines ...;

- when using graphic, photo and video materials the User shall place the hyperlink to the Agency immediately under the material.

- the font of the hyperlink should be of the same size as the text of the material in use.

- reprinting of the materials of the Agency from secondary sources is possible only with reference to the original source in line with clause 2.1 of the present Rules.

2.2. Correct reproduction

- the original text cannot be reworked to reproduce these materials. Parts of the materials can be reduced or rearranged if the original meaning is preserved;

- the User shall be held liable for distorting the meaning of the materials due to their imprecise reproduction.

- images copied from the websites of the Agency cannot be edited, including but not limited to image cropping, collage, concealment of watermarks;

2.3. Messages that fully copy messages of the Agency cannot be distributed via RSS feeds.

- if reworked materials of the Agency are to be distributed via RSS feeds, the User cannot specify the time identical or preceding the time the relevant materials are released by the Agency’s websites.

ATTENTION! These rules do not constitute a contract

BelTA reserves the right to make changes to the present Terms of Use, without notifying the Users. Any changes will be posted on the website and the User shall learn the Terms of Use by visiting the website. All changes shall be effective immediately upon their availability on the website.

Should you have any questions regarding the use of products and services provided by BelTA, please contact us at (+37517) 222-30-40 or via email at

© 2015, BelTA

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